The Journey Begins Here!

Hello friends!

My name is Tin Tin, and I am excited to start this adventure with you all.

A little bit about myself first! I graduated with an undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering, and I have my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering. I am an extroverted engineer, or EE! Yes, we do exist! Electrical engineers (the other, boring, EE’s) would be mad at me for even associating them with the same acronym!

I grew up with a very energetic (and popular) mom. No matter where we were, she would always know someone. It was especially noticeable of her popularity when she would take my brother and me shopping, and the moment we were about to leave a friend would stop us from sweet, sweet freedom.

My dad, although not as vocal as my mom, would always crack jokes with our waiters and waitresses, or cashiers. The combination of the two helped me develop the ability to never stop talking which got me into trouble often with my teachers back in grade school for distracting the other kids. Let’s be real, I’m still pretty good at distracting people.

Make as many awkward moments as you can, so next time you know how to control the situation. — My Uncle Tom

Fortunately for you all, I took the quote from above to heart as a child, and I am here to help guide you all through this beautiful world full of communication.

This blog is about how to handle different social scenarios. We will cover some concepts that will help you improve and control your social environments. We will help introverts step out of their shell a little bit, and help extroverts give others the spotlight a little more often!

I’m excited to share with you all everything that I’ve learned thus far. I am excited to learn with you on this journey we are about to start! See you guys on the first post!

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