Be Driven and Work Hard

Hard work is the last of the three main components to social success.

I have encountered many people who are kind and carry themselves well, but lack a sense of drive. Hard work comes in different lights: being financially driven, health driven, academically driven. The list goes on.

People want to be associated with others who have goals and passion. Everyone is traveling their own journey, and are always interested in what their friends or acquaintances are working on. Being driven helps socially because you and your peers want to be surrounded by people who are constantly trying to better themselves in some regard.

Some tips to consider yourself driven and a hard worker:

  • Set goals
  • Be able to prove you are working towards your goals

The best way to stay motivated on your endeavors is by setting up realistic and attainable goals. Smaller, easier tasks add up to ultimately help you reach your final goal.

Since everyone is trying to be healthy for 2019, we will use fitness as an example of how working towards your goal will help you socialize with others. If you are new and showing interest in fitness, people are going to be supportive of you improving yourself. Set attainable goals such as going to the gym at least 3 times per week and going on a walk 2 times per week. These little goals helps you develop a sense of discipline that you will use as you progress.

Not only do you become more disciplined, but this is a very natural way to socialize with others as well.

When you are just starting out, you will be in the novice phase, only have basic knowledge, and have little to no experience. There are a substantial amount of people who are into fitness that you can get their ideas and advice from.

“How often do you lift?” “What do you eat?” “Is this a good program?”

As you get more familiar with the fitness industry and tackling the goals you set for yourself, you should still ask questions to other people, but you are now also confident enough in your own work that you can talk about your own journey, and even help the novice lifters.

“Oh I started off doing the 5×5 Strength program.” “I’ve done keto diets to cut, but now that I’m bulking, I do the If It Fits Your Macros diet”

Setting up goals and telling people what you are interested in is not enough though. I am guilty of telling people, “Oh, I’m really into THIS right now.” And then the next time I they see me and ask about it I am familiar with saying, “Yeah, I gave up on that.”

In order for this idea of being driven to work is if you can PROVE to your friends and acquaintances your progress and success. It is one thing to tell your friends that you are working on something, but to be able to show that you are actively working on your goals sets you apart from everyone else who just “talks.”

Show your friends and family that you are taking your own goals seriously, and in return, they will take your words more seriously.

Being driven allows you to have something to work towards, and people notice that. And it is also noticeable when your peers are being complacent. It is very difficult to communicate with a person who has no goals because they don’t have anything new going on in their lives.

No matter what you are working on, you should always be putting effort into it. Don’t get complacent, and let your friends or yourself down. DON’T be that person that did nothing in group projects. DON’T be that person that talks more than they walks. DO the best that you can at everything, and your peers will support you.  

As I get older I am starting to notice the same trends in my peers. We are all trying to stay relatively healthy. We are all trying to make the best financial investments. We are all trying to get just slightly ahead. The quote, “Every new year brings another 365 opportunities,” is definitely something to start living by.

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